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You’re Using Swimming Drills WRONG

So far this week, I’ve discussed the best exercises for beginners to use, as well as how to determine where you should be placing your focus to maximize your progress and your improvement.

Unfortunately, that’s where most swimming information stops.

It’s assumed that you know how to best use these exercises, or that simply doing the exercises is enough to facilitate progress.

Unfortunately, that’s dead wrong.

Ever spend a lot of time working on an exercise only to find that you hadn’t improved…at all?!?

You do the drill perfectly and then NOTHING.

How did that feel?

Probably like a complete waste of time and effort, right!

It’s also pretty demoralizing because you’re left wondering what to do next, having just committed to something that didn’t work at all.

Now, it’s possible you weren’t using the right exercise for you.

We’ve already gone over how to fix that problem in my last two e-mails.

But I’m willing to bet money that you weren’t using the exercises in the right way.

And it’s not your fault because no one told you any different.

For whatever reason, no one talks about it.

I’m don’t think people are holding out, I just think they don’t know.

Fortunately for you, today I’m going to clue you in.

The Basic Set-Up

Here’s the deal.

Exercises are great at helping you FEEL new ways of moving.

It’s like opening a door to a new and previously unexplored room, an inside that room is better swimming.

However, the exercises only let you SEE inside the room.

You get a glimpse, you can feel it, but that better swimming isn’t yours.

The only way to start living in that new room is by swimming freestyle.

You have to swim freestyle, PAYING ATTENTION to those new, fun, and exciting sensations you felt with

Open the door with the exercises, walk through with the freestyle.


So, what does that mean?

You want to get exposed to the combination of the exercise and freestyle as many times as possible.