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Which Freestyle Drills Should YOU Use?

Today we’re going to learn how to maximize your progress, and minimize the time and effort you waste working on the wrong skills with the wrong exercises.

That outcome is a result from knowing what YOU should be working on first.

Being a beginner is the best of times and the worst of times.

The best part is that you can get really exciting breakthroughs that make you believe that anything is possible.

The worst part is that you get a lot of reminders about how little you know and how far you need to go.

Those are the days when you might feel like giving up.

Because I know how being a beginner is equally frustrating and exhilarating, I love helping people avoid those days and learn to have as many breakthroughs as possible!

Another challenge is that there is often a lot you need to improve, yet it’s difficult to know where you should place your focus.

And trying to do EVERYTHING is a recipe for disaster.

Last time I talked about the best exercises for beginners.

Hopefully, that provided you with a great starting point for making progress.

And even if you’re not a ‘beginner’, those exercises are awesome for improving your skills.

Yet, while it’s great to know which exercises are going to be most impactful, it can be tough to know which exercises to focus on.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, which exercises should I focus on?

Which will help ME improve the most?

Today, I’m going to show you how to figure out which skills are most important for you to work, so you can accomplish your goals without wasting time and energy.

Before we get into the specific symptoms and the specific causes, I would recommend that everyone spend 1-2 minutes in their warm-up and warm-down working on their floating skills.

This is especially true if you consider yourself a beginner.

They are THAT important and they are helpful for everyone, regardless of how skilled you are.

With that being said, let’s get into it!

Swimming Is Exhausting

Is swimming completely exhausting?

Does it feel like all of your endurance disappears once you get in the water?

If so, there’s one problem that you need to work on first- body position.

Poor body position makes EVERYTHING mor