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The Real Reason Swimming Is Exhausting

One of the most frustrating aspects of swimming is how tired you can get, and how quickly it can happen.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how fit you are on land.

If you’re making some fundamental mistakes, you’re going to get exhausted.

For some of you, this struggle may be a not-too-distant memory.

For others, it’s a current reality.

And it’s no fun.

And if you’re like I was, you’ve probably tried all sorts of different solutions to create change.

Maybe you’ve worked on your pull.

Maybe you’ve worked on your kicking.

Maybe you tried to train longer.

Maybe you tried to train faster.

And while you may have improved a little, it probably wasn’t what you were hoping for.


So, what’s the solution?

I’ll get to that in a minute:).

First, I want you to understand why you’re getting exhausted so that you can barely finish a lap.

I want you to understand the REAL problem.

It’s not your kicking, it’s not your arm pull, it’s not your arm recovery.

99% of the time, your legs and hips are sinking OR you’re kicking like crazy to prevent them from sinking.

Here’s why it matters.

When your legs sink, it feels like YOU are sinking.

When it feels like you are sinking, it feels like you might drown.

When that happens, EVERYTHING tightens up and you get really stiff.

That wastes a LOT of energy AND it makes it really hard to execute your other skills.

To make matters worse, just about everyone will instinctively kick to keep the hips up.

While that can sort of work (but not really), doing so comes at a cost.

A BIG cost.