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Swim Faster With Smarter Hands

You can dramatically improve swimming speed by improving your feel for the water, and you can do it quickly.

Most triathletes don’t have a lot of experience in the water, which means they don’t naturally interact with the water very well.

By improving how your hands interact with the water, you can make big improvements in your swimming.

It’s simple and anyone can do it.

Improving the mechanics of the pull is important.

I’ve certainly addressed it in the past.

But there is another way you can improve your speed by improving your pull.

You can improve your feel for the water.

I’m not sure when I first heard about improving your feel for the water, but I remember the first time I felt it.

I had a coach who made me swim with my hands closed.

Of course, I thought it was stupid, and swimming with my hands closed felt terrible.

Until I opened them up and it felt AMAZING, like I was holding TONS of water.

Almost immediately, I was swimming faster and easier.

It’s a simple idea.

If you change the position of your hands while you swim, you can change how you interact with the water.

If you can change how you interact with the water in a positive way, you can change your performance!

You’d think I would have done it all the time.

Well, like most good ideas, I promptly forgot about it.

It wasn’t until later in my career that I really started to use these ideas systematically to help people improve their swimming.

After I lot of trial and a lot of error, I learned to REALLY get the most out of changing hand positions you have to use them strategically.

It goes way beyond just swimming a couple laps with your hand closed.

You have to use different positions, you have to improve your performance while using these positions, and you need to know how to vary those positions.

That’s what I am going to share with you today.

To get us started, let’s get into some of the best positions.

I’ll show you what they are and why they work.

While it starts closed fist, there’s plenty more that you can implement right away.

Here is your simple solution.