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Simple Strategies For Speed #3

You can never be too fast.

Even the longest open water swim legs require SPEED.

While endurance and stamina are critical for success, you only sustain the speed you already have.

Sustaining slow is still slow!

While triathlon is an endurance sport, speed still needs to be considered.

Unfortunately, many triathletes fail to incorporate much speed work in their training, swimming at the same pace for the majority of their workouts.

To help you develop some speed, I’m going to provide you with various strategies to improve your speed.

Keep track of your times.

Awareness is everything.

Strategy #3 Build

In contrast to the other methods we’ll discuss, building speed involves changing your speed WITHIN a repetition.

6x50 ODD Build to strong EVEN Build to Fast

You learn how to accelerate.

In open water racing, it’s a critical skill where you have to pick up the pace.

To learn that skill, you have to practice it.

For a given build, you can start as slow as you want, and end as fast as you want.

It’s up to you!

Use different strategies, always working on picking up the speed.