Mistakes You're Making #2- There's No Plan!

Most triathletes have a training plan.

Most triathletes have a GOOD training plan.

Most triathletes put a lot of thought into executing this plan and making it happen.

It makes sense.

If fitness development is a critical aspect of your ability to perform, there should be a solid plan in place to make sure that development happens.

When it comes to swimming, your ability to swim SKILLFULLY is also a critical aspect of your performance.

However, most triathletes have NO plan for developing their skills.

Most triathletes put ZERO thought into executing this plan and making it happen.

If you REALLY want to improve your swimming, that needs to change.

Keep it simple-

  • What skills are going to best improve your performance?

  • Which exercises and activities are going to best improve those skills?

  • How can you organize those skills so that you learn them all over time?

  • How can you integrate your skill work and fitness work?

Just like physical training, you need to plan your TECHNICAL training.

When you do, watch your performance take off!



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