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Make Swimming WAY Easier By Solving Your Sinking Legs

Every feel like you HAVE to kick, or else your legs are going to pull you under the water?

Every feel like swimming is ALWAYS hard, and you can never really relax in the water?

You probably are experiencing what many other triathletes have experienced as well.

Sinking legs.

It can be really frustrating to deal with because it’s so exhausting AND it seems that nothing you do addresses the issue.

I know I tried everything I could to help people.

I tried working on their kick, doing kick sets.

As you’ve probably learned, kicking harder DOESN’T work.

It wasn’t until I was working on an athlete’s body position, and then their LEGS improved, that I realized it’s a body position issue and NOT a kicking issue.

Your legs are sinking because of body position problems, NOT the legs.

The good news is that if you can fix this pesky problem, swimming is going to be a LOT easier, and you’ll find your endurance improves DRAMATICALLY.

Here’s what to do about it.

Work From The Top

Learn to press the chest and head into the water.

Doing so will help raise the hips and take the pressure off your legs.

It can greatly reduce the need to kick, which means WAY more efficient swimming.

Learning to lean into the lungs will make a BIG difference.

Work from the Bottom

Once you’ve got the upper body working leaning into the water, it’s time to get some tension in the back.

Try this.

In learning to lift the legs during the X Float, you’ll help to get everything in line and take pressure off the legs.

You’ll be able to keep the legs up at the surface with a lot less effort, and you won’t need to kick.

If you can improve your X Float, your sinking legs will get even better once you start swimming.

You don’t need to make a massive improvement, as any positive change will feel much better once you start swimming.