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Improve Your Freestyle Pull With This Surprising Change

One my foundational beliefs is that anyone can improve.

They can improve any skill, no matter who they are.

This applies in life, and it certainly applies in swimming.

As a someone who loves to learn, I’m also keenly aware of the struggle that’s inherent to learning.

Nothing is more frustrating that getting stuck, feeling like you’ve tried everything, and not knowing where to turn.

Because the pull is critical to freestyle success, a lot of individuals have spent a lot of time working on improving their pull.

And at some point, a lot of them get stuck.

Previously, I went through some of my favorite land exercises and swimming exercises to help you get on track.

What do you do when the foundational exercises are no longer helping you improve?

People often make the mistake of looking for new exercises.

However, if you’re using the best exercises, using less effective exercises doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Sometimes, you just need to add a twist to the basic exercises, and you’ll see your progress take off again.

One of the biggest positive impacts on my swimming was when I first used Closed Fist Swimming.

Admittedly, I thought it was pretty stupid at first.

It didn’t make any sense to me, and I was really resistant to trying it.

Fortunately, the respect I had for my coach outweighed my stubbornness, and I decided I use it for 100 yards.

Then, I’d know it was a waste of time and I’d never have to do it again.

As I swam that fateful 100, it felt terrible.

While my stroke felt worse, I certainly felt vindicated:).

I told my coach how terrible it was, and my coach smiled and said, ‘Swim another 50 with your hands open.’

So, I did.

And it felt AMAZING.

By taking away the hand, it allowed be the FEEL the hand once I opened it up again.

Because I could FEEL, I could change how I swam.

That made a HUGE difference.

Here’s how to do it.