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How To Change Your Swimming Technique

I’m going to let you in on a dirty, little secret that no one acknowledges.

It’s going to make a major impact on how you approach your swimming moving forward


At least how most people do them.

Here’s what they do.

They perform a bunch of different drills, all at once, in the beginning of the workout.

Maybe those exercises are chosen for specific reasons, maybe not.

Then they go swim the rest of the workout, maybe ‘thinking’ about their skills, maybe not.

It doesn’t work because they’re not spending their time working on the making sure they’re connecting the drills with the swimming in any way.

Of course, I’m not just going to tell you what’s wrong.

I’m all about solutions.

Here’s the 3-step process I use to ensure that skills change as fast as possible, and as dramatically as possible-

1. Use as few exercises as possible (only the best!)

2. Perform the same exercises in different contexts

3. Constantly integrate full stroke swimming into the process

Pretty simple, huh?

Of course, simple isn’t easy.

To make sure you understand what each step entails, and why it matters, we’re going to take it step by step.

Then I’ll put it all together with a practical example so you can see what it actually looks like.

Use As Few Exercises As Possible

Let’s say you’re a coffee snob (or wine or pizza or…).

Would you drink crappy coffee just for variety?

Of course, not!

You’d pick the best coffee you could afford and drink that.

You need to think about the exercises you choose the same way.

Pick the BEST ones and use those, ignoring the rest.

You don’t need a bunch of different exercises.