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Build Better Swimming Endurance With Better Body Position

What you do with your head when you’re swimming is going to determine how much endurance you have in the water.

The position of your head while you swim has a major impact on your body position, and your body position determines your efficiency.

By optimizing your head position, you stand the best chance of developing the endurance you desire in the water.

Triathlons are endurance events.

You have to endure; you have to keep going.

When it comes to the swim, that can seem like an impossible take sometimes.

NOTHING is worse than completely bonking during the swim.

NOTHING is worse than being uncertain as to whether you’ll be able to finish the swim.

Just as importantly, NOTHING is worse than feeling like you’re working WAY too hard to swim WAY to slow.

As I talked about in my last article, crushing fatigue isn’t always the result of poor or insufficient training.

It’s typically the result of poor skills.

More specifically, it’s the result of poor body position.

Last time, I showed you how to improve your body position with several exercises.

This time, I’m going to show you how to improve your body position, specifically while swimming freestyle.

It’s all about the head.

Poor body position is often the result of poor head position while you’re swimming.

Conversely, great body position comes from great head position.

Here’s why.

Your body is kind of like a seesaw.

As your lungs hold you up in the water, they act like the fulcrum.

One side of the fulcrum, you’ve got your hips and the other side you have your head.

Which one do you think is heavier?

As a result, which one do you think is going to naturally sink lower in the water?

That’s right, the hips and feet.

Remember the goal is to move through the water in a straight line.

To do so, you need that seesaw to be balanced, with everything in line.

So, you have to find a way to keep the hips and feet up.