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5 Freestyle Exercises For Beginners

When you’re first starting out, sifting through all of the information that’s out there can be daunting.

There are countless different skills you could work on and countless different exercises you could use.

It can be overwhelming.

Choose the wrong exercises, and at best it’ll take more time and effort to accomplish your goals.

Even worse, you might not accomplish your goals at all!

Picking the appropriate exercises clearly matters, and separating fact from fiction is particularly tough for the beginner.

So, which should you use?

Why should you use them?

That’s what we’ll cover today.

From a bigger picture perspective, what makes a good exercise?

Great exercises have two important characteristics-

  • They’re simple

  • They’re effective

That’s it!

Both are especially important as a beginner.

As you’re learning to swim, you don’t have the ability to perform complex exercises.

You need exercises you can actually do!

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out an exercise that’s supposed to help you improve, and you can’t even do the exercise.

Secondly, the exercise has to actually help you improve your freestyle.

Some exercises may look similar to freestyle, but they’re actually teaching you something that’s completely different.

If it’s doesn’t help you really improve your skills, what’s the point?

With that being said, let’s get into the exercises I know are the most effective for helping you improve.

1. Ball Float

How do you know when someone is just learning to swim?

You can SEE the struggle.

Most of that struggle is the result of an inability to relax in the water.

Learning to float effectively and get comfortable in the water is THE most important skill.