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Fix Your Freestyle FAST


‘Where do I start?’


If you’re struggling with your swimming, this is probably the question you’re asking yourself.


There is SO much information available about how to improve your swimming.


And it may seem like you’re doing all of it wrong.


It’s hard to get traction when you’re not sure what matters most.


You either run the risk of working on the wrong skills with the wrong approach, or worse still, do nothing at all!


It can be overwhelming.


My goal is to simplify everything for you.


My goal is to show you exactly what you need to work on right NOW to take the next step with your swimming and show you exactly what you need to do to create the change you desire.


I’m all about clarity and a plan for ACTION.


My name is Andrew Sheaff.


I help triathletes dramatically improve their swimming by providing simple, actionable strategies YOU can implement today.  


I’ve been obsessed with fast swimming for the last 25 years.  


I’ve always wanted to know where speed comes from, and how to help others learn it.  


I’ve spent over 20 years actively coaching swimmers, from learn to swim athletes to middle schoolers to NCAA Champions and Olympians to Masters swimmers and triathletes.  


One of the key observations I’ve made over the years with helping individuals improve is that creating change is hard.


A huge part of the problem is identifying the key skill that needs to be addressed first.


Coaches and athletes make the mistake of chasing symptoms.


They fix superficial symptoms, but they miss out on the REAL problems.


They’re not able to identify the keystone skill, that once in place, holds everything together.


I’ve watch 1000s of videos of swimmers, from 8-year-olds learning to swim to Olympic Champions to athletes in their 70s.


Everyone is making mistake, even great swimmers.


It’s EASY to see problems.


It’s HARD to know what’s causing them, and what to do about it.


When you watch that much video, you start to see patterns that emerge.


You start to understand what’s causing what, and which skills are REALLY important.


After all that practice, I can quickly identify which skills are holding someone back the most.


And just as importantly, I’ve learned what to do about it.


In all aspects of life, getting advice is easy.


Just go on the internet and everyone will have an opinion about what you should do.


Getting good advice is hard.


Experts are rare and they’re even hard to get access to.


But when you can, they can accelerate your progress.


They help you sift through all of the BS and focus on what really matters, while ignoring everything else.


Knowing EXACTLY what skills you need to improve is key for getting the results you want in your swimming.


Having a true expert watch you swim is the best way to get access to this information.


And although getting a good full technical analysis can be worth every penny, not every has the money to spare for the full expense.


I’m going to give you the opportunity to access to my expertise in identifying and fixing swimming skill at a price point that’s less than a single swim lesson at your local pool.


I’ve got a special offer for you that will help jumpstart your progress and PROVE to you that better swimming is possible.


It’s called Fix Your Freestyle FAST.
































With Fix Your Freestyle Fast, you’ll get access to the knowledge and experience of a world class coach.


You’ll get that access from anywhere in the world at a price that’s less than 1 single swim lesson from someone with none of my experience and my expertise.


Here’s how it works-


You’ll send me video of you swimming, I’ll watch you swim, and clearly identify the MOST important skill that is holding you back.


Then I’ll provide you with ALL the tools you need to improve that skill FAST.


My superpower isn’t identifying everything that’s wrong.  


It’s identifying the ONE thing that will help you improve EVERYTHING else.


All the knowledge in the world isn’t worth anything if you don’t have a simple and direct plan for ACTION.


I show you what do with your newfound knowledge.


Here’s what you’ll get with Fix Your Freestyle Fast-


  • Your Single Skill Speed Solution- I’m going to show you the ONE skill that is holding back your swimming more than anything else.  Improving this skill will help you make progress more than any other skill.

  • Swimming Skill Cheat Codes- I provide you with the most effective exercises for you to improve your CRITICAL skill.  These specific exercises are chosen because they help you FEEL exactly how to achieve the desired outcome, and they DON’T require in-person instruction.

  • Plateau-Busting Blueprint- You get 3 workouts specifically designed to implement the exercises in a way that optimizes learning.  These workouts are scaled to your needs and ability level to ensure your success.  I’ll make them the appropriate distance for you, either 1000, 2000, or 3000 yards/meters.


  • Getting Great Video Guide- if you’ve never taken video of yourself swimming, or if you’re not sure you’re doing it ‘right’, I show you how simple it is.  I show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.  I’ve NEVER had a problem with someone getting the right video, and this guide is why.


In short, I’m going to use my expertise to determine the ONE skill that is holding you back more than any other, and I am going to show to you exactly what to do to dramatically improve that skill.


But that’s not all.


I want to do everything in my power to provide you with everything you need to be successful.  To ensure that you accomplish your goals as quickly and easily as possible, as a BONUS, you’ll also get the following-


  • Skill Change Shortcuts- Learning is a skill.  Even if you know WHAT to do, there are better and worse strategies for making it happen.  I show you how to speed up your learning so progress is faster and comes easier.


  • 5 Fundamentals for Laser Focus- The better your focus, the larger your improvement.  You’ll get 5 strategies for ‘locking in’ during practice sessions.


  • 5 Guidelines for Gauging Your Improvement- A critical part of making progress is knowing how you’re doing.  See progress is motivating and encouraging.  Knowing when you’re not on track lets you know if you need to adjust.  Either way, tracking your improvement is key for getting better.


  • 4-Step Simple Workout Building Bible- What do you do after you’ve mastered the 3 workouts I’ve provided you with?  I’ll show you how to simply and easily design workouts by using the same principles I used to design your workouts.  This ensures that you’re able to continue to make progress into the future.


  • Feel Your Feedback Attention Accelerator- The more you can pay attention to what you’re feeling, the more feedback you’ll get each and every stroke.  The more feedback you get, the faster you will improve.  I show you the tactics you can use right away.


  • 5 Time-Saving Strategies- For any athlete balancing life, work, and sport, time is of the essence.  I provide you with 5 strategies to help you make the most of out of every second you spend in the water.


  • Methods for Maximizing the Value of Video- Seeing yourself swim is a powerful tool for change.  I show you how to how to make the most out of video, regardless of the camera you have or how often you’re able to film.


  • Perspective Management Plan- If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  As with any undertaking, progress is never linear and it’s not always as smooth as you’d like.  I provide you with the key information to set appropriate expectations.

And, if you order now, I'm going to throw in 18 Technique Training Workout Templates to make designing workouts even easier.  You'll get 18 different templates you can use to create workouts. All you have to do is decide what type of workout you want to do, then plug in the technique exercises that will help you accomplish your goals.  However, I'm not sure how long I'm going to offer this bonus because it's THAT good.




















I’m providing you with EVERYTHING you need to make a dramatic change in your freestyle, as fast as possible. 


AND I’m providing you with all of the tools you need to continue making progress AFTER you’re done the workouts I provide you.


AND much of this information will be invaluable for improving ANY skill you choose to work in the future, as I lay out a comprehensive approach for improving skills.

You’ll get all of this information delivered electronically, regardless of where you are in the world. 


All of this from a leading expert on swimming skill, all for less than the cost of a swimming lesson at your local YMCA.


If all Fix Your Freestyle Fast did was identify a major opportunity for improvement in your swimming, how much would it be worth to you?


If all Fix Your Freestyle Fast did was provide you with the tools for creating technical change, how much would it be worth to you?


If all Fix Your Freestyle Fast did was show you that progress is possible, how much would it be worth to you?


If you could accomplish your current goals in the water, how much would it be worth to you?


You can probably see why people pay hundreds of dollars for me to help them with their swimming, because it's not a cost- it's an INVESTMENT.


You've already seen how it's worth $342.  


For just $17, you’ll be well on your way to improving your freestyle more than you thought possible.  With a simple, straightforward plan for action, focused on the YOUR biggest opportunity for improvement, progress is inevitable.


Optional 8-Week Unlimited Endurance Solution and Freestyle Made Simple Add-On


If you’d like, you can add the 8-Week Unlimited Endurance Solution when ordering.  Many triathletes really struggle with swimming continuously because of their fundamental SKILLS.  While it may not seem like a big deal, failing to address these skills will forever prevent you from optimizing your progress.  Once you’ve improved your key skill, getting completely comfortable in the water is key, so Addressing Adult-Onset Swimming helps you improve your swimming foundation.  There are 3, 8-week training programs to get you on track.


You can also add Freestyle Made Simple to your order, which will provide you with everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t, about how to improve your Freestyle once you’ve improved you most important skill.  So, Fix Your Freestyle Fast gets you the jump start, whereas Freestyle Made Simple how to build upon that foundation by improving the remainder of your Freestyle skills. 


You'll get a big discount if you add either of these programs to your bundle.  Just choose the add-on option at the checkout page.

Product Info


This is a combination of immediately downloadable content, as well as content that will be e-mailed directly to you upon completion.  All modifiable workout templates are Microsoft word documents that can be used with any platform compatible with word.   All other documents are PDF files, which can be used on an any platform that is compatible with PDF file formats.




If you're not happy with your progress and you don't believe you've made a significant change in your swimming just let us know.  This product has a lifetime guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we will refund your money in an expedient manner.  No questions asked.


If you wish to pay with PayPal instead, you can!  Bring up a new tab in your browser and go to to send payment. Once there, put in your real first and last name and a good email address and let us know in the transaction notes which item you're purchasing, and I'll connect with you!

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