I specialize in skill development in the water.


I am here to help you reach your swimming potential by providing skills-based training education and coaching to triathletes that enables them to accomplish their goals and dreams, improving what is often their weakness leg, the swim.

I keep it simple.

I identify the 2-3 critical skills that will most dramatically improve your swimming.  I ignore the rest.

I identify the 2-3 exercises that most effectively and quickly help you learn those skills.  I ignore the rest.  I show you how to optimally implement those exercises into your practice sessions.  I show you to most effectively train those skills.

As a result, you improve- FAST.



I help multisport athletes struggling in the water to identify the critical skills required for improvement, and I provide them with the tools to develop those same skills in any location.

Swimming is a skill sport.


For multisport athletes without a swimming background, it’s easy to get lost in needlessly complex technical detail.  Just as problematic, it’s easy to believe you need to adopt the training programs that elite athletes are performing in the water.


For the vast majority of multisport athletes, you require a different path forward.


You need to identify the critical skills required for faster swimming.  You need perform activities that help you learn these skills as quickly as possible.  You need to re-frame your training sessions to maximize how quickly and effectively you learn these skills.  You need to ignore everything else.


This is my expertise.


I understand the foundational skills that result in fast swimming.  I know the most effective exercises for facilitating these changes.  I know how to design practice sessions that optimize learning.  I create individualized solutions each step of the way.  I keep you focused on what matters.

I help you short-circuit the learning curve so that you can improve your swimming faster than you thought possible.

Let’s get started. 

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